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Our Intake Team is available 24 hours/7 days a week.

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Foot Care Services

Feet Co-Aide provides professional Foot Care services to clients in Moncton and surrounding areas.

Our certified Foot Care RN delivers professional foot care. As part of your foot care management the nurse will:

Service provided in our client's home
Call for an appointment today at 389-2433

Our Foot Care Service include special attention and focus on
♦ Corns/Calluses ♦ Skin Disease ♦ Ingrown Nails ♦ Circulation ♦ Nail/Toe Deformities
♦ Edema ♦ Moisture/Dry Feet

Our qualified RN Foot Care specialist provides Diabetic foot care and teaching, employs non-invasive techniques, and includes lower leg and foot assessments.